About Us

Hey! We are Caroline and Isabel, the creators of Aiutare Apparel:)

We have always bonded over our love of fashion, and a few years ago we brainstormed the idea of starting a secondhand/up-cycled clothing business together!

In the process, we decided we wanted to create a positive impact along with what we were doing. Along with encouraging everyone to choose secondhand clothing over fast fashion brands for the sake of our Earth, we decided to pick a new cause each month to donate 10% of our month's profits to.

We've loved every minute of working on Aiutare Apparel, and thank every customer, follower and supporter for sharing this experience of spreading the word of sustainable fashion and contributing towards meaningful causes with us.

We love talking to you guys! Follow us on Instagram @CarolineSchlies and @ItsIsabelMarie

As always, thank you for your support♥

-Caroline & Isabel